Candy, Please!

Ahh, Halloween - a time to dress up, carve pumpkins and amass glorious amounts of candy! In order to collect enough candy, once around the neighborhood just won't do - you are going to need several different costumes to pull it off.

Let nothing stop you from getting your fair share - and more!

App Store link: Candy, Please!

Vacation Vexation

Ah, the family seaside vacation. Sun, sand and... annoyances galore.

Explore, solve puzzles and play arcade mini-games in this sequel to "Quiet, Please!".

 - Classic adventure game fun on your game console.
 - Explore a lighthearted and humorous environment.
 - Use your wits and a bit of mischief to solve puzzles.
 - Play mini-games in the Funhaus arcade.

App Store link: Vacation Vexation

Ascent of Kings

The death of a King.

An epic challenge to choose a new ruler.

Will the smallest of four brothers turn out to be the strongest? Will a young boy become King? The answer is up to you.
App Store link: Ascent of Kings

Quiet Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and you just want to go to bed and wake up on Christmas morning.

But the tree is broken, the house it too cold, Mr. Peabody's tacky Xmas display is annoying and as always your brother won't go to bed.

Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles in this old-school adventure game.

App Store link: Quiet Christmas

Quiet, Please!

After an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy!

Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles. 3 kittens included with every purchase!

App Store Link: Quiet, Please!

Kung Fu FIGHT!
Relentless old-school action as your run, jump and fight your way through your quest of rescue and revenge.
  • Non-stop action!
  • Retro-styled, old school gameplay.
  • Battle through varied environments against unique enemies.
  • Multiple difficulty modes add challenge and replayability.

"Kung Fu FIGHT!" is available on iTunes here.

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